Wise Woman Earthsinger

The elder of the Pale Elk Kinsfolk in Nera


Earthsinger is an old elf, still strong despite her years she holds herself tall and proud. She initially comes across as tough and cantankerous, much like her badger companion; however, she is a very patient, good humoured and thoughtful person.


As the elder of the Pale Wood Kinsfolk Earthsinger is responsible for the elves in Nera and much of Nera the city itself. As per the treaties of The Pale Wood she shares power with the Reeve and for many years has worked hard to keep balance between the humans and elves of Nera. She works closely with the druids of the region to care for the great wood as a whole. Despite her contention with the current Reeve, Orris, she holds hope to help cultivate a more long term and inclusive view in his mind.

Wise Woman Earthsinger

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