Tribes and Clans

The wilds of the Avgard regions are home to many tribes and clans these are some of the major ones however there are a great number of other smaller tribes and clans that live in the region.

Splithoof tribe of centaurs in the western planes.

Wolfsnap clan of elves in the planes of the west.

The Quiet Fury Kin clan of elves that live near God’s Meet in the western planes.

Burned Whisper clan of elves that migrate through the south western planes.

Crimson Paw clan of elves of the north western planes.

Grey Shoals Clan aka Knorhks a raiding and sea fairing clan of orcs that has taken control of the various clans in the southern archipeligo of the Avgard region. They are known slavers and pirates.

Pale Elk Kinsfolk The elven clan that rules the Pale Wood of the east.

Tribes and Clans

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