Treaties and Agreements Between Clans, Tribes and Avgard

Avgard depends on trade and is in a prime location for a number of major trade routes, but the great city is surrounded by a great deal of wilds that while providing resources are home to a number of ‘wild’ peoples’ who fight bitterly to keep to their old ways. The government of Avgard and the guilds have seen that the most affordable way to deal with this issue is by trade offs. These treaties create a balance which allows both sides to function in the ways they prefer, of course if one side or the other decides not to follow the treaty disruption quickly follows which results in swift action.

Treaty of Splithoof: Outlines the agreement between the Splithoof tribe of centaurs and Avgard allowing the centaurs their historical migrational and hunting grounds so long as the centaurs provide a certain amount of troops should Avgard be attacked. Avgard is also to remain neutral in conflicts between plains tribes so long as they do not impede trade or draw soldiers that are owed to Avgard in the event of an attack.

Briarbrand Accord: This treaty was signed between the various wild elf tribes of the planes and Avgard 250 years ago after the wild elves captured various merchant and nobles first born children as a response to Avgard higher classes staking hunting and resource claims on wild elf lands. The treaty was named after Briarbrand an elven hunter of the Wolfsnap tribe who had executed the hostage taking and negotiations. This treaty includes the Wolfsnap, The Quiet Fury Kin, Burned Whisper, and the Crimson Paw clans of elves.

Treaty of Grey Shoals: This is a very different agreement to the others, while if covers disputed territory off the south coast with the Orcs in the region, the majority addresses the trade relationship between Avgard and the Orcs. The south coast Orcs (Knorhks) are renowned raiders and slavers, in this treaty it addresses what products the merchants of Avgard and the Knorhks can trade with each other. Slaves and pillaged goods are right out while natural resources and craft materials so long as they bare no marks that would indicate stolen goods are in. The treaty also goes into detail regarding how Avgard would react should the Knorhks pillage or attack anything within Avgard lands and the punishments for trading illegal goods. In practice plenty of stolen goods get by but the profits are too good for the Knorhks to pillage Avgard or bring slaves along the main trade routes.

Treaty of the Pale Wood: This treaty is a partnership between the Pale Elk Kinsfolk elf clan and Avgard. This treaty allows for a certain amount of logging and hunting, the amounts vary depending on the year as determined by the wise woman of the tribe and the Reeve of the town of Nera in return for trade goods from Avgard itself. The Pale Wood is governed by The Pale Elk Kinsfolk with the exception of Nera, as a result of the partnership between the two Nera is run in a very similar fashion. The Pale Elk are required to give a certain number of scouts to serve in the Avgard military for 5 year terms, this however is the limit of the military obligation The Pale Elk have to Avgard.


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