Monastery of The Luminous

Deep within the mountains rests an ancient monastery known only to those who have dared to face the jagged, treacherous peaks of the broken tooth range. It is cut from the rock of its surroundings and stands proudly from its cloud-shrouded perch. Within it’s walls exists an order devoted to the entities known only as the divines, whose mandates have become a way of life to the temples inhabitants. A culture of strength, virtue, and balance – the Luminous Monks work tirelessly to perfect themselves in mind, body, and soul.

The Luminous are foremost warriors – their martial training absorbing most of their time, but each member of the cloister is expected to perform other tasks required to sustain the temple and the community within. From an early age the Council of Masters assigns chores to each individual that they are expected to perform and master alongside their training. This can range from masonry, to agriculture, to cooking and cleaning. A select few are chosen for Illumination, or the transcription of sacred texts to ensure their survival for the next generation.

At the core of the Monastery rests the garden of the divines, where-in rest the statues of the six. The mighty Golden Auroch, the embodiment of tenacity and conviction, stands proudly alongside the Gilded Tortoise who champions temperance and purity of spirit. Deeper within the grove one will find the timid frame of the Prismatic Fox, her eyes reflecting the grace and cunning of her spirit and beside her the Alabaster Yeti crouches above a small pond, his face contemplative – wisdom and loyalty are his traits. In the heart of the garden, sits the proud Diamond Griffon, atop a tall rock overlooking the garden proper – her features exemplifying the Ferocity and Courage of her spirit and lastly, resting comfortably among the sand of the zen garden sits Luminescent Dragon – his scaled hide reflecting the light of the sun and moon equally – he represents strength and passion. Together the six divines attribute the qualities the monks hope to embody and each has a fighting style unique to them that the warriors of the monastery aspire to one day master.

The Luminescent Dragon is the mightiest of the Divines and sits at the head of their council (which the council of the monastery attempts to emulate). He is mighty and proud with a fiery passion that, when used towards compassion and protecting the innocent is touching, but when turned to wrath against his enemies is terrifying to behold.

His fighting style makes use of short, powerful punches at close range (representing his hard slashing claws), followed with sweeping kicks to keep the enemy off-balance and on the defensive (his lashing tail). His form requires you to have flowing movements as you slide around your enemy bobbing and weaving before closing distance for a flurry of powerful strikes.

The Golden Auroch is the embodiment of tenacity and conviction, shrugging off punishment as easily as he faces any hardship. His physical toughness is mirrored in equal measure by his stoic personality – no challenge is too great for him to overcome and no hardship to great for him to face. He continues forward, an unstoppable force that won’t rest until his goals are achieved.

Unsurprisingly the Auroch favors power and aggression in his form. Forward momentum and inertia must be maintained so you can deliver the forceful blows that are expected. Dual-fisted strikes and powerful stomping kicks are employed to keep your enemy off balance. His favored combo is a full-bodied toe-stomp (hooves) followed by a strike with both fists (twin horns) all the while pushing the enemy back.

The Alabaster Yeti is wisdom, trust, comradery and loyalty, all rolled into a single being. He is curious and thoughtful as well – always seeking truth to the greater questions of the universe, and asking equally thought-provoking questions himself. Perceived as a sagely, grandfatherly figure within the community he is the cornerstone of the ideals of community and brotherhood that are cherished within the Monastery.

Yet even he has a way of addressing physical conflict. When forced to fight the Yeti favors hit and run tactics, baiting his foes into traps, and generally outsmarting his opponents. Favoring heavy-handed punches (mighty fists) alongside quick-footwork (he doesn’t kick) he moves in, feints, strikes and withdraws with speed and accuracy- always keeping his opponent guessing.

The Prismatic Fox is the manifestation of grace and cunning. She is sly, aloof and playful – often perceived as a trickster she is the favored divine of the children of the temple. She is known to change colour depending on her mood and these shades make up the bulk of the colours found in the textiles of the community. It is not uncommon for “sister fox” to create elaborate puzzles to vex both children and adult alike – these puzzles are trials to be overcome either by individuals or the community at large and it is her goal to strengthen the minds of the Luminous Monks, as well as their bodies.

It is rare for Sister Fox to take anything seriously, even when forced to fight she is playful and jovial in her nature. The fighting style of the fox involves using punches as a distraction to keep the enemies attention (fluffy tail) while using light kicks to hit tender joints on the legs and arms of the enemy (playful bites) all the while tumbling and cartwheeling around the enemy to get fresh angles of attack.

The Gilded Tortoise exists as a beacon of the purest balance. She is calm, patient, thoughtful and compassionate and encourages all to follow her example. She teaches that all life is precious and valued, and that every speck of dust or gust of wind contribute towards balance in the universe. A calming influence to the more passionate Divines, the Gilded Tortoise advises her more impetuous peers in all their dealings. Truly the bedrock of the Divine Council.

True to her teachings the Gilded Tortoise is the only Divine that has no teaching about causing harm. She does, however, teach how to avoid harm without harming others. Her defensive, immovable stance uses the weight and aggression of attackers to knock them prone or keep them off balance, all the while remaining stationary. Many Monks have used this technique to deflect weapons and grab arrows out of the sky with their bare hands. The impenetrable shell defense.

The Diamond Griffon is the truest warrior among the Divines, and her whole existence revolves around conflict and battle. She is fearless in the face of adversity and unwavering in her assault, often overcoming her rivals with sheer ferocity. Many of the young adults of the temple find Griffon to have the most appeal because of her brashness and ability to defeat her enemies through martial force. She is the mountain’s sentinel and a ward against the evils of the world and her eyes are ever watching for a new challenger.

Griffon’s technique starts with sizing up your opponent and their ability. Once that is established a mixture of sharp, slashing strikes (Talons) and mid-air attacks (wings) are used to defeat any opponent. The more challenging opponents quickly learn why Griffon rules the skies. When truly fighting at their fullest potential, Monks using Griffon technique barely touch the ground, constantly propelling themselves into the air, their limbs constantly raining blows down onto their enemies until none are left standing.

Monastery of The Luminous

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