Bestiar Ranks


Bestiars follow the apprentice, journeyman, master organization that other guilds do; however there is generally less distance between members of the ranks as well as a fourth introductory rank for those applying to or being sought after

Prospect: (Generally lvl 0-)1 a person who is either trying to apply or who has drawn the attention of the guild, membership is generally granted after the prospect’s skills have been tested as well as the guild senior membership interviewing and approving of them

Apprentice: (lvl 1-4) a person who is a member of the Bestiars and is treated as a novice/student. They have little power in the guild but are still treated as brothers/sisters, they have a duty to earn their place and learn the ways of hunting varieties of beasts. Apprentices are sent out in groups of 3-5 with a Journeyman to guide and teach them. At this time the Journeyman as well as various other journeyman and masters will begin to educate the Apprentices on how magic, relics, and environment can effect changes in monster behaviour, increase risks etc. Later in the apprenticeship there is an emphasis on teaching when it is just a rogue beast needing to be slain or when the beast is a symptom of a greater problem and how to handle such situations. Such as when are beasts displaced from their normal environment, when they are unleashed or out of control creations of a magic user. This is also when the apprentices begin to learn of the relationships the Bestiars have with Druid Circles and semi intelligent beast tribes.

Journeyman: (lvl 5-10) this is the rank where the person is considered a fully fledged member with all the rights and responsibilities accorded to a Bestiar. Not only does this take a certain amount of experience but a significant challenge must have been completed to have earned this rank. This is when the Bestiars get their first chance to forge a team of their choosing, often teams that had been apprentices stick together due to the bonds forged during their trials and it is not unknown for the former Journeyman teacher to continue to run with said group

Master: This rank is for the chosen few who have truly made their mark on the guild. There is no official criteria for becoming a master, a member obtains this rank when the guild leadership reach a consensus that the member has done something so great or been such an asset to the guild that they are deserving of this. In reality few members even live long enough to possibly aspire to this rank. In some cases members have been given the rank posthumously in honour of a great sacrifice.

Bestiar Ranks

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