Avgard City

Population: 15400

Humans: 9750
Elves: 1250
Dwarves: 1490
Halflings 515
Tieflings 600
Gnomes 520
Dragonkin 725
Halfelves 425
Halforcs 125

Government: Absolute Monarchy
Officially Avgard is an Absolute Monarchy with a King or Queen as the head of state. The guilds in reality hold a great deal of power over the city as it is a center to many trade routes and the head of state must keep in mind the guilds wishes in any official moves they make.

Defense: Army of professional soldiers and a town guard, they function separately of each other. Soldiers under military command and the town guard are under a civil command there is rivalry between the two groups. Nobles have their own personal forces for bodyguards. Small knightly and cleric orders are also found in the region. The Bestiars Guild is not officially part of the defense organizations, in reality the crown does rely of the guild to provide defenses against monsters.

Commerce: Avgard is a center of commerce in the region for several different nations as well as rich in agricultural land. Land, sea and river routes are easily accessible from Avgard. Many of Avgard’s policies and treaties with people’s focus on maintaining commerce and will go to great lengths to make sure that commerce is not disrupted. Any interruptions to trade are dealt with harshly as the guilds hold a great deal of power over the city and neighbouring land.

Organizations: In Avgard itself there are temples to most major human religions, a grand hall of dwarven ancestors, there are also small churches and shrines to the other races’ gods and spirits. A vast number of trade and industrial guilds make their home in the city, most of the population is a member of one guild or another. There are a numbers of knightly orders that the more adventurous aristocracy are known to join and whose membership is highly coveted by wealthier merchants hoping to rub elbows with the landed nobles.

Policies and Practices Due to the heavy reliance on trade there is a great deal of tolerance within the city of Avgard itself. Races and religions are generally left to their own devices unless they are impeding on other groups of persons. Due to the Bestriar’s Guild there is now even trade between some intelligent monsterous races and the certain merchants. The guilds and government take any interruptions to trade very seriously and go to great lengths to make sure nothing impedes it, this has led to treaties with a few tribes that while are technically within Avgard’s borders function as minor independent nations so long as they adhere to treaties drawn up between themselves and Avgard.

Avgard City

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