Rayl Thorbringer

The Hundredth Born of Clan Urdnot


About 60 years ago, the small clan of Urdnot was beset by a foul wurm whose violent movement patterns were in danger of wiping out their hamlet. Things seemed bleak until help arrived by the way of the Beastiars who not only pushed the wurm back, but even helped to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between the hamlet and their tormentor who now guards their borders as though it were it’s own.

The elders of Urdnot were not ones to show a lack of gratitude for the help, and were quick to promise that every hundredth child would be raised to serve the Beastiars as payment for their heroic acts.

Looked upon as an honor to help pay back the debt, it was with great acclaim and accord when the hundredth born entered the world. As the first of the line, it was of great importance to the hamlet that this one be raised to a standard that would show the Beastiars just how grateful they were.

Such is how the story of Rayl Thorbringer begins.

From as soon as Rayl was old enough to walk he was put through training. He knew of no life other than one groomed for the hardship of beast slaying and combat on the front lines. Already blessed with being bright of mind and strong of constitution, it came as little surprise when the boy earned his name before the age of 60.

And then the day came when the Beastiars would be sending their scout. There was a feast and fond farewells to the finest soldier to have been trained of Clad Urdnot; but when the scout arrived, she turned Rayl down; selecting instead the mason’s nameless son.

The town was of course confused by this change, but ultimately they saw the debt as the priority and were quick to agree. They would not sully the Beastiars by denying the scout’s first choice and it came with some relief when “Jarik” (a name hastily created and granted in light of the scout’s request) accepted the role so readily.

In the days to follow, Rayl found himself at ends with the town. Between the rumors that he had proven himself unworthy to the recruiter, and that he now lacked any useful trade skills that every other adult of the clan would have by this point; Rayl grew bitter and vowed to reclaim his place in destiny… by any means necessary.

Rayl Thorbringer

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