Keluvial Rhuidiir Darksbane


The youngest child of a world famous athlete, Keluvial’s childhood was quite unlike that of most other Wood Elves she would come to know. Born in her family’s wagon, the girl grew up traveling from city to city with the circus her father, Graril Nydrinel Darksbane, performed in as an acrobat. From a young age it was apparent to everyone who had any kind of meaningful interactions with Keluvial that she was different from the rest of her clan. While not as athletically inclined as the rest of her family, the girl was nonetheless just as agile and dextrous, as one would expect an Elf to be. Her talents, however, leaned closer to more intellectual pursuits, devouring any book she came across and talking with everyone new she met to learn their secrets. Indeed, there was something almost otherworldly about the girl’s intuition and her knack for picking up languages and the secrets of the villages she and her clan visited.

Keluvial knew from a young age that her mental and intellectual prowess far surpassed that of her peers, and since that young age, she has striven for more knowledge. The knowledge she seeks, however, is more than any scroll or text can embody. What she wants is knowledge of the mind, spirit, and will.

She learned early on that she could bend certain things to her will. That she could affect small changes to bring an outcome that was more favorable for her; and that she could communicate with others without having to open her mouth, but by sending her thoughts to their mind. In her formative years, many of these things happened unintentionally and sporadically around the girl. Brushed off as coincidences by many around her, Keluvial knew there was more to what was going on than that. She figured out that if she concentrated hard enough, she could make certain people do exactly what she wanted. This manifested itself one day in her youth during a fight with her older brother where she dared him to jump off the side of a small cliff, and he did. Dakath survived the fall, and Keluvial was far more careful about what she did while angry.

Since birth, Keluvial, her brother and sister, and her parents, have traveled the lands in their wagon, touring the world near and far with the circus her father performed in. During shows, Keluvial and her siblings were given the freedom to roam the area nearby. Her brother and sister were her best friends, growing up, but because they were older and closer in age to each other and the other circus kids, Keluvial often explored alone. She became friends with the locals and the traders passing through, the critters and creatures she came across on her solo adventures. While many of the friends she made, Keluvial would never meet again, there have been a few since her youth that have kept in touch.

Among everyone she met, the Drow traders were by far her favorite; and they too, seemed to take to her. They taught Keluvial Undercommon, and told her of their home, the Underdark, its many inhabitants, and spoke to her of creatures that could speak with their minds, just like her, and control others’ actions with their thoughts. Fascinated, the young Elf would ask every Drow she encountered how to get to the Underdark. While most would answer back with some riddle, a few told her where to look. Searching under every rock and around every tree, Keluvial looked for the Underdark at every opportunity.

Keluvial Rhuidiir Darksbane

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