For those who have spent enough time around dwarves, the name “Jarik” may seem odd. Not because it means anything in particular, but rather because it sounds like a shortened mispronunciation of the word for “Mistake” or “Ill Fortune”. If pressed about it, the dwarf simply remarks that the name is a little odd, but it’s only a ‘placeholder’ until he earns a real one.

Carrying himself with a surprising spring to his step; the knight from Urdnot is uncharacteristic of what one may describe as a warrior. His skin’s too smooth, and his gaze betrays an almost child like innocence about the world. He clearly longs for adventure, even if he himself doesn’t seem to really know what that means.

A little like his off putting optimism and surprising candor, Jarik may seem… to be a little simple in the head. He seems quite proud to discuss what he knows of the world, but even a brief conversation reveals quickly that he knows almost nothing beyond his little hamlet. Offering to correct his knowledge of the world is met with almost instant gratitude though as the knight is almost as quick to consume alternative viewpoints as he is anything covered in sugar or alcohol.


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