Fionn "Scribbles" Palestrider

This scarred and lean half-elf always comes bedecked in , scrolls, and satchels


Worn leather armour and a shortsword contrast harshly with the books, scrolls, and satchels that this young half elf has adorned herself with. In spite of her youthful appearance the scars across her right cheek that lead to her missing ear tip speak of harsh experiences. Scribbles is short and lean, with short cut brown disheveled hair. Her accent gives away a youth spent mostly in the Pale Wood.

Scribbles is generally in one of two mode the first being her information gathering mood where she has her head buried in a book either absorbing information or collecting it. The second mode is when she has pried herself away from her books and scrolls and is getting wrapped up in someone else’s excitement. Scribbles is generally a positive person, full of energy and curiosity and eager to listen to other’s tales.


Fionn "Scribbles" Palestrider

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