The Bestiars

An Interesting Offer

It all begins with a letter

A young courier approaches you a half elf girl who is nearly an adult… perhaps not it’s always difficult to tell with the half-breeds, her short cut tousled brown hair aids in the youthful look. She has several scroll cases and satchels on her, they almost distract from her well worn leather armour and sword at her hip. A very official letter presented to you in her out stretched hands, it has an official large wax seal and everything. She confirms your name and offers to read it to you should you not be versed in your letters. The wax is thick and blue and imprinted on it is a surprisingly detailed chimera with the word “Bestiar” in gothic block letters underneath. The wax gives a satisfying snap as you open it, within you find the following message.

Let it be known the Bestiars regard you as a prospect.
We have seen that you have certain skills and natural ability that would lend itself well to our guild. We search carefully for new sisters and brothers to guard each other and face our duties side by side. Ours is a dangerous life to slay and parley with monsters, but if you join you shall be compensated well. We wish for you to meet with us that you can see us for what we are and we can give you a taste of what would be awaiting you in the field and if all goes well we would take you on as an apprentice. Due to the nature of our work we pay our apprentices as you will be taking on great risks. If you are interested please let our courier know. You future sisters and brothers await you. Lelien Raleigh, Guild Master

The half elf girl shifts her feet anxiously awaiting your response. “What should I tell the Master?” Her voice gives away her clan upbringing a certain lilting accent that is found in the Pale Wood. It’s then you notice the fine scars on the right side of her cheek that lead to the missing tip of her right ear, it would seem the work is dangerous for all members. Her voice is less the frustration of waiting and more the tone of excited anticipation. “The Master is very picky even if you decline you should feel honoured. So what will it be my friend?”


Raezyr Raezyr

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