You have been given a chance to join the Bestiars Guild

It’s a hard life you face challenges most people, even soldiers, won’t have to deal with. You will be rewarded with coin, a family and in some cases rare artifacts. You being a prospect is a chance to see if we suit you and you suit us, if either party wants to split, we go our separate ways, no hard feelings. Not everyone suits this line of work or even wants it, we can’t risk people who don’t have both feet in. We serve a certain niche in Avgard, we decide which monsters need to be fought and which can be reasoned with, we keep the people safe. The government supports us because we keep the balance needed for trade to keep going, the people support us because we protect them. The guilds and military however see us as a rival, from here on out you getting respect from them can be very challenging. The guilds don’t trust the independence we have from the military and the military thinks we are taking work from them, more glorious work. there is nothing glorious about someone trained to fight people being ripped to shreds by a Quaggoth or someone thinking they can raise a beast or some eggs and having a beast rampage through town when the soldier loses control down the road. We take our training seriously and we are trained to fight monsters, we are not trained to fight wars. We try to keep our auspices as separate as possible. From here we will set you up with a group of prospects and send you with one of our Journeymen and see how you do, if you make it you will likely be grouped up as apprentices together and then the real fun begins.

The introduction often given to prospects by Lelien

The Bestiars

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